Medical Qigong Therapy

Simply stated, Medical Qigong Therapy (MQT) treatments are qi emission (energy projection) sessions from practitioner to patient. However, our practitioners also use tuina (tissue work), breathing exercises and visualizations to promote harmony. The actual technique used will depend on where the root of the problem is located. For example, if a client presents tight muscles or compressed lumbar discs, then tuina is generally best suited for treatment. On the other hand, if the client is presenting depression or heart palpitations, then a combination of breathwork and visualizations is better suited. In all cases, a certain amount of qi projection is integrated into the session to provide a complete healing session.

MQT sessions are particularly suited for persons seeking profound changes in their health and well being. MQT is ideal for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, stroke, post-surgery, anxiety, and more. For chronic conditions and difficult cases, MQT has the best results by going directly to the root and resolving disharmonies.

For cancer patients, MQT has been proven to provide quick and tangible benefits to persons undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. Medical Qigong Therapy treatments can reverse neuropathy, prevent hair loss, alleviate nausea, prevent thrush and mouth ulcers. With proper timing, treatments can also be very effective at strengthening one's 'Righteous Qi' (immune system) which is an essential component to staying strong while receiving cancer treatment therapies.

Christina specializes in difficult cases, chronic conditions, and cancer. In California, Christina was referred to clients by the Oncology department at Stanford University/Hospital to provide medical qigong therapy. She is now happy to be training the next generation of practitioners based on her years of experience in the clinic.

Peyton specializes in physical injuries, sports injuries and physical rehabilitation including repairing energetic deviations due to scar tissue and surgeries . With a background in Exercise Science his talents include muscular pain and injuries, range of motion rehabilitation and creating healthy mind/body energetic patterns. As a graduate of several forms of meditation and hypnotherapy he is also adept at assisting the healing process with techniques such as affirmations, soul-retrieval, and releasing deep seated patterns of disharmony. Peyton is a compassionate healer with powerful Qi.

With over 25 years of combined experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, health & wellness, qigong and martial arts Christina and Peyton provide a vast knowledge base of healing techniques and methods.

*Based on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, MQT is similar to acupuncture and acupressure but without the use of needles. A session may include analysis of dietary and lifestyle habits, as well as a look at current medications and supplements.


Appointments available:    Appointments are available on a limited basis. Please call for information


Initial Consultation:

  • Initial visit is 90 minutes
  • Includes an intake, treatment, follow-up plan and a personalized qigong practice.
  • Cost for Initial Consultation - $125


Follow-Up Single Visit: Follow-up visit rate on a "pay as you go" plan. This is a single 60 minute session which includes a treatment and a personalized qigong practice.

  • Cost for Single Follow-up visit - $100


Hospital visits: $200/hour, includes travel and parking fees


Distance Medical Qigong Therapy Session:

  • First session is an Initial Consultation and is $125 (see above for description)
  • Follow up Sessions are $100 per hour


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* The Rising Lotus Qigong is committed to helping those who need and want help. Therefore, we offer a certain amount of services on a sliding scale or free of charge in special circumstances.