Qigong Instructor Certification Level 2

Instructors who are already certified at Level 1 may continue their Qigong development by completing the requirements for certification as a Level 2 Instructor.

A Level 2 Instructor is a person who demonstrates a solid understanding of the body mechanics that govern Qigong. These instructors understand the connection of breath and intention to the flow of qi as well as demonstrate a solid understanding of the rules of structure that make qigong effective. Upon this foundation, they apply the acquired knowledge and skill into an area of specialty.

Level 2 students will select an area of specialty such as: Medical Qigong Therapy, Neigong, Alchemy, Health and Wellness, Taichiquan, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, or another type of Qigong which will culminate in receiving a minimum of 24 hours of instruction in that specialty.

All specialty Qigong must be approved by The Rising Lotus Qigong. You must submit your declaration of specialty, course or seminar content, and instructor information before participation in that specialty course or seminar. We feel that gaining a broader sense of the wide world of Qigong is important and learning from a qualified teacher is of paramount importance.

Below is a complete list of program requirements and hours:

Description of 200 Hour Program Requirements Hours
 Level 2 Instructor 3 Day Training taught by The Rising Lotus Qigong Founders - Mentors 24
Open subject seminar, taught by TRLQ or TRLQ sponsored instructors 12
Documented teaching experience in Qigong – Neigong - Taichiquan 30
Choose a Specialty Qigong to train in that is taught by approved & qualified instructor 24
Research and review of 2 Books with an exam 10
Total of above Training Hours 100
Total QIC L1 Certification Earned Hours +100
Total QIC L2 Certification Hours 200


Next Level 2 Instructor 3 Day Training



Open Subject / Specialty Seminars


Program fees:    (Important information!)

$400 includes attendance for the Level 2 Instructor Training taught by TRLQ, and exam review.

All fees associated with “open subject” and “specialty” seminars are paid to appropriate instructor.

Completion of this training culminates in a 200 hour certification granted by The Rising Lotus Qigong.