Rising Lotus Mentor

Rising Lotus Mentors are Qigong Instructors that have completed our Level 2 training curriculum and who embody the Qigong lifestyle. Mentors are authorized to teach the Rising Lotus Qigong curriculum to certify Level 1 and Level 2 Instructors. Mentors are those individuals and teams that have shown competency in Qigong/Neigong practice. They are most always practitioners and teachers in another element such as Martial Arts, Taichiquan, Medical Qigong Therapy, Yoga, and other mind, body, health modalities. These people are interested in giving back to the community, exemplify leadership and service to others, and who meet The Rising Lotus Qigong Mentor qualifications. Mentors are the best teachers found in the Qigong community today and stay this way by participating in continuing education seminars and co-teaching at least 2 events per year.

Our first generation of Mentors has been picked from our current student base, these mentors have shown commitment, dedication and embody the Qigong lifestyle.