Tara Padma Lavoie

Tara Lavoie

Tara-Padma is extremely passionate about sharing a wide range of holistic healing modalities with others, because of their profound and transformational impact in her own life.Together with her husband, Saheq Neru (nee: Frederick Draper), she founded Blossoming Soul Yoga & Integrative Wellness in 2014 in Seneca, South Carolina. Tara is dedicated to an innate desire to be of service in the world and to assist others with the flowering of their own consciousness. True to the meaning of her given and spiritual names, Tara-Padma’s compassion and kindness shine through in her teaching and in her vision.  She is deeply honored to share the gifts of yoga, qigong, and holistic wellness with the community.

Tel: (864) 247-7372