The Rising Lotus Qigong is dedicated to helping people thrive in all aspects of their being: body, mind, and soul.

We have been making an impact on people’s lives for over 16 years providing education on health and wellness founded in the wisdom of 5 Element Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We believe strongly in the power of “making good choices on a daily basis”, and that the body, given the right environment, knows how to restore balance and harmony.

Using the wisdom of caring for the body, minding the breath and emotions and cultivating the spirit, we teach the value of leading a conscious and mindful life which naturally avoids dis-ease. And when a diagnosis has been given, we pass along thousands of years of wisdom on how to support healing holistically.

Our mission is to focus our efforts on supporting the millions of people who seek this information for their own health and benefit. We will be taking a step back from certifications to instead offer stand alone classes that conform to meet the schedules of our busy community. Look for shorter classes/seminars, about a day long, open to the general public.


Students in group qigong class
Qigong Class

Whether it’s through healthcare services or through education, our mission is to ethically connect people with reliable and high quality information enabling them to lead full and prosperous lives. Our purpose is to empower people with the tools for sustainable good health by identifying both natural and effective methods for healing which are biologically and ecologically friendly. We treat all clients with compassion and respect, and honor each person’s beliefs and faith.



photo of christina and peyton
Christina and Peyton

The Rising Lotus was created in 2003 when Christina began her studies in Medical Qigong Therapy. The name was chosen when she was brainstorming for a website domain name. Inspired by the lotus flower as a symbol of the soul’s journey upward from murky waters to clear skies in search of union with the Divine, she felt that it was the perfect name for the discovery that occurs during deep transformational healing.

The Rising Lotus has had many houses – Miami, Florida, San Francisco Bay Area and Atlanta, Georgia. The Rising Lotus has had the opportunity to teach in acupuncture offices, acupuncture colleges, universities, high schools, holistic pharmacies, health fairs, government health facilities, fitness studios and corporations. And, we are the only qigong instructors to have a TV show that’s been on air for over 6 years!

The Rising Lotus Qigong, LLC was incorporated in 2011 and the name and logo are now trademark protected.  The Rising Lotus Qigong is currently growing and will be expanding into new fields, stay tuned for the latest developments!



We look forward to continuing to provide quality total wellness services for the global community.
Classroom students practicing medical qigong therapy
Medical Qigong Therapy Certification students

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