We believe strongly in the power of “making good choices on a daily basis”, and that the body, given the right environment, knows how to restore balance and harmony.

We have been making an impact on people’s lives for over 16 years providing education on health and wellness founded in the wisdom of 5 Element Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Using the wisdom of caring for the body, minding the breath and emotions and cultivating the spirit, we teach the value of leading a conscious and mindful life which naturally avoids disease. And when a diagnosis has been given, we pass along thousands of years of wisdom on how to support healing holistically.

Sandee Lim
Sandee Lim
I was really impressed with the breadth of knowledge both Christina and Peyton possess on the subject of Qigong. Also impressive was their ability to quickly adapt and run the class online when the coronavirus pandemic hit. The teachings were clear and easy to understand. Overall I gained a lot from this class and would highly recommend the Rising Lotus Qigong to anyone looking to learn qigong.
Beth Krajewski
Beth Krajewski
Excellent instruction from thoughtful, caring instructors. Would highly recommend The Rising Lotus Qigong for anyone interested in learning this deeply healing practice from caring professionals.
Wind Horsley
Wind Horsley
Rising Lotus has wonderful programs. Christina and Peyton are very knowledgeable, wonderful to work with and learn from, and strive to make their programming the best possible experience. Highly recommend Rising Lotus.


Our mission is to help people live full and radiant lives
by connecting them to reliable and high quality information and tools regarding health & wellness.
We teach the value of leading a conscious and mindful lifestyle which naturally avoids dis-ease.

Online Classes

Convenient classes available online hosted with a live instructor. Pre-recorded classes available as well.


Upcoming Events

Online classes: 8 Pieces of Brocode, Meditation for Beginners, Five Elements Qigong, Certification Courses


Certification Programs

Credentialed programs for becoming certified in Group Qigong Instructrion or Medical Qigong Therapy.


We provide quality wellness services for the global community.

Weekly Classes

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