Discover the Healing Power of Mind-Body Medicine!

Healthcare’s cutting edge lies in developments between Eastern and Western medicine. Doctors, Nurses and health-care providers around the world are turning toqigong as complementary treatment for difficult cases and chronic diseases.

Dr. Oz has said, “If you want to live to be 100- do qigong”

Hospitals, such as Stanford in California and cancer and rehab centers in Georgia and around the nation are prescribing qigong exercise.  It’s simple, it works and just about everybody can practice qigong.

Numerous studies have been sponsored by the National Institute for Health (NIH) and National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) demonstrating the effectiveness of qigong and Taichi. With a resounding positive response, it is estimated that there are at least 18 million people in the US who have practiced qigong, and that number continues to increase!

Ever more people are turning to acupuncture and other complementary medicine modalities to provide total wellness options for patients. As the cost of healthcare continues to sky-rocket, preventive medicine is becoming increasingly important.

Our classes provide a solid foundation for starting your personal qigong practice as well as  introducing you to methods of applying the wisdom of Chinese energetic medicine, while guiding you through many simple yet extremely effective qigong movements.

These classes are open to the general public and you are free to join the class at any time.
Persons with all health backgrounds can participate.

 Weekly Qigong

Qigong exercises are gentle movements that combine slow moving postures, breath and visualization or intention. Many people define it as “meditation in movement”. It’s similar to TaiChi, however Qigong has the advantage that it isolates individual exercises and allows for tailoring a session to your particular needs or physical constitution. It is a method of self-healing that has a profound effect on improving your health with minimal effort.

Qigong’s gentle workout is perfect for persons recovering from injuries, surgery or who otherwise cannot participate in high-impact or yoga-type exercises.

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Weekly Meditation

Meditationis the practice of training the mind for a  particular purpose. Our weekly class is designed for beginner students to obtain a state of “calm-abiding”. This guided group class uses techniques such as focusing on the breath, an object or a sound, and is designed to allow you to relax and let-go ultimately settling into inner peace.

This type of meditation is where all meditation practices begin. Advanced meditation techniques are offered on a one-on-one basis.

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Yoga (Hatha)

Our hatha yoga class incorporates standing, seated and/or lying postures with breath and visualizations. Our approach in this class is to guide the most novice practitioners gently into increased strength and flexibility.

It is suitable for all ages and physical conditions. Specially targeted for beginners and people who are not particularly flexible or strong. If you are new to yoga or have health/physical challenges, this class is for you.

The routine is safe and can be modified for all skill levels and abilities.

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Our instructors are available for classes in a variety of formats:

· Private Instruction

· Long distance via Skype

· At Corporate /Business Locations

· Custom qigong routines on DVD – we design a routine specifically for you!

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