The word “form” in this context refers to a collection of qigong movements that together are the components of a set routine or (pardon the redundancy) “form”. Each of these collections (forms) has a different purpose and series of movements that define it. Throughout the centuries of qigong (daoyin) evolution, many forms have been created. In fact, there are so many, we do not know them all, or know of any one person in the world who does! But, that, in and of itself, makes the practice even more exhilarating.

Qigong Forms Courses (notice the capital letters) are an exciting way to get introduced to the benefits of  a personal Qigong practice, or as an addition to your current practice. These are learning modules that are focused on learning a very specific set of qigong exercises or movements. Each form is unique, it is like a shiny new vehicle which happens to have its own “road map” to adventure. We have developed each course to introduce you to that vehicle and take you step by step through a very unique “test drive”. Naturally, once you’ve learned the basics, we expect you’ll begin exploring everything your newly discovered vehicle can do!

Our courses have been designed to open up the profound essence of what each form has to offer and encourages you towards a long term and consistent practice. The Rising Lotus Qigong feels that if you know what it “looks like” and know where your headed, then you have the keys to unlocking a lifetime of knowledge and benefit within your practice.


Why are there so many different forms?

  • Each  of the individual forms have unique qualities designed to have a positive impact your health and wellness.
  • These areas are:
    • Total Body, Mind and Soul health and wellness,
    • Balancing the energies of the body to bring peace and vitality,
    • Treating specific medical conditions,
    • Emphasizing Chinese Medicine treatment protocols,
    • Spiritual cultivation.


What should I expect from these courses?

  • The contents of each course will include:
    • Physical posture and mechanical movements,
    • Proper breath timing and placement,
    • Using intention to guide the internal energetic motion.


Which Form is Right For Me?

  • Each form is rated in three categories:
    • Beginner – no prior experience required
    • Intermediate – prior experience recommended for full benefits
    • Advanced – prior experience required
  • Our method of teaching is open to everyone regardless of race, gender, or condition.
  • Each form can be studied to a much deeper realization no matter how its rated.
  • Please view each form for an overview of its characteristics.


I am already an instructor why would this be important?

  • These forms are the root of a personal practice or group instruction class. Having multiple forms allows you to work with specific conditions, have the freedom to teach to greater types of people, and to specialize to a specific audience.


What you will receive at the end of the Course

  • Each course has a Certificate of Completion verifying that you understand the forms basic physical movements and its underlying function.
  • Completion of each course fulfills hourly requirements toward our Level 2 Teaching Certification (200 hours).


List of Forms Taught (Click on Each to View More Information)