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As seen on AIB TV!!

The Rising Lotus Qigong’s 13 Episodes of qigong aired on AIBTV in Spring/Summer 2013.

This 4 disc set includes almost 7 hours of qigong suitable for beginners and the newly interested in qigong. Adaptations are provided for specific medical conditions. This is the companion set of qigong for Christina’s book “Qigong Illustrated”.

This set includes our most popular qigong:

  • Qi Scattering
  • 8 Silk Brocade (aka 8 Pieces of Brocade)
  • Daoist Five
  • Yang Sheng Techniques
  • Swimming Dragon
  • Turning & Winding the Belt Vessel
  • Ocean Waves


Content is as follows:

Episode 1:

On the series premier of The Rising Lotus Qigong, Christina Barea-Young & Peyton Young introduce you to the core fundamentals of qigong, the practice of breath cultivation over time. You’ll learn movements such as Pulling Down Heavens, Channel Tapping, and Ocean Waves.

Episode 2:

Christina & Peyton welcome you back to The Rising Lotus Qigong with a review of what was learned in the previous class such as Pulling Down Heavens and Ocean Waves. Then you’ll be introduced to the 8 Silk Brocade. Christina explains the Bear and the Falcon while Peyton demonstrates proper technique.

Episode 3:

The 8 Silk Brocade is continued with the addition of the Monkey and Snake. Christina and Peyton guide you through a continuous flow starting with Pulling Down Heave that goes through the first half of the 8 Silk Brocade.

Episode 4:

Christina and Peyton teach the next pieces of brocade, the Dragon and the Phoenix, and guide you through a continuous flow of qigong movements to calm your mind and strengthen your body.

Episode 5:

The last pieces of brocade, the Lion and the Unicorn are introduced on this edition of The Rising Lotus Qigong.

Episode 6:

After Christina and Peyton review the Lion and the Unicorn with you, they will guide you through a continuous flow of the 8 Silk Brocade.

Epidose 7:

Peyton Young teaches and demonstrates a modified version fo the 8 Silk Brocade for anyone who may need to sit for their qigong practice.

Episode 8:

Christina introduces Yang Sheng techniques. Yang Sheng actually means “Nurturing Life”. These movements include Kidney Tapping, Kidney Massage, Beating the Heavenly Drum, Face Washing, Teeth Clicking, and 10 Dragons Running Through the Forest.

Episode 9:

Peyton and Christina instruct you on how to work with circles with such movements as Turning & Winding the Belt Vessel and Swimming Dragon.

Episode 10:

Learn the fundamentals of a set of qigong moements called the Daoist Five. Christina and Peyton begin with teach Daoist Five Lungs and Dropping Post.

Episode 11:

A continuation of the last show, The Rising Lotus Qigong teaches you more of the Daoist Five. Today’s movements are for the Kidneys and Liver.

Episode 12:

Some of the most fun qigong movements are qi scattering techniques. Christina explains how to do Trembling Horse while Peyton demonstrates. The series continues with Daoist Five for Heart and Spleen.

Episode 13:

In the last episode of the season, Christina and Peyton guide you through a practice of the Daoist Five along with warm-ups and qi scattering exercises in one continuous flow.


Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting (AIB TV) aired 13 episodes of introductory qigong movements.


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