Black rice is fairly common in Asian cuisine. Originally reserved for royalty, it has now made its way into homes around the world. Black rice is also known as Purple rice, Forbidden rice, and Emperor’s rice. Black rice is high in anti-oxidants due to the high level of anthocyanin, the pigment which gives black rice its distinctive color.

Black rice is said to have come from a gene mutation in a Japanese strain which caused the hyper-pigmentation. White rice is a strain which does not activate the pigment causing gene. Throughout the centuries, both white and wild rice survived due to the appeal in color and taste, leading us to the delicious rice we consume today.

The health benefits of black rice are far above white rice which is typically stripped of its nutrients found in the husk. Benefits of consuming black rice include:
1. more anti-oxidants
2. protect heart health (due to anti-plaque properties)
3. maintain healthy cholesterol levels
4. fewer free radicals – which helps the liver
5. improves digestion

Add goji berries or other fruits to the rice to enhance flavor or increase nutritious quality.
1. Protects the eyes. Studies have found that goji berries may help reduce the risk of glaucoma.
2. Provides immune system support.
3. Protects against cancer.
4. Promotes healthy skin.
5. Stabilizes blood sugar.
6. Improves depression, anxiety, and sleep.
7. Prevents liver damage.