Benefits of this Recipe: Replenish Jing, Nourish Kidneys & Water Element, Boost Energy, Boost Immune System


Continuing with the benefits of soups to replenish Jing, this recipe relies on the heat from lamb and the marrow released by the bones to provide deeply nourishing nutrients. Add mushrooms and black beans for extra healing properties.

The foundation of our wellness is held in the Jing. Jing is commonly translated as substance or life-essence, and it is the thickest part of your energy which provides the impetus for activity. When our jing is abundant, we enjoy liveliness and seem bright and active. When our jing is running low, due to lack of rest or inadequate nutrition, we may become lackluster and lethargic.¬†Jing is a function of the Water Element and is thus nourished by watery foods like soups and stews. The Water Element rules over the Kidneys and Adrenals which are further nourished by proteins and vitamin B’s. This recipe is meant to help repair Jing and encourage a strong physiology, which includes immunity and overall well-being.

Here is a video on how to prepare Lamb Stew.