Mother Earth is our life-giving and supportive home. In her loving embrace we spend our days from beginning to end. Although we dedicate one day out of the year in her honor. We should develop a mindfulness practice towards her well-being on a daily basis. Without the generous gifts of our planet, we truly cannot survive. Every “thing” on the planet has its place and purpose, and all things are part of the delicate balance of the global ecosystem. We should celebrate our Earth by cherishing the life we live. Here is a simple practice which helps to connect to Mother Earth. The benefits are multiple. Connecting to Earth can
  1. lower our stress levels by bringing our vibration down from the “thinking” and “emotionally feeling” areas, into the slower pulse of our kinesthetic “physical feeling” centers. Moving us out of “fight or flight” and back into “rest and repair”.
  2. replenish the upward flow of Yin energy – Yin energy is the softer, more gentle and water-like energy of the body, as opposed to the “doing” and “active” Yang energy. When we connect with Earth, yang energy begins to slow down and Yin energy can rise to fill the newly created spaces. Yin energy flows up from Earth to the top of our head and down the arms to the hands, so allowing the body to remain open and permit the upward flow of qi, fills our body with the strength and support of Mother Earth.
  3. help us to return to center– as we connect to the slower vibration of Earth, we lower our activity and shen expenditure, allowing our wai qi to return to the center of our body. This returning of energy increases our unity in Upper, Middle and Lower Dantians, generating an accumulation of qi in the center (zhong).
  4. Yin generates creativity – as our Yin energy is replenished, it naturally increases our spontaneous creativity and intuition which are qualities of the Water element which is a characteristic of Yin.
  5. Prolong life – when our Yin is cared for, replenished and stored, we can expect a longer life. Our bodies require a fairly balanced relationship between Yin and Yang. We must take time to rest and repair.