Black Chicken Soup to Replenish Jing

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The foundation of our wellness is held in the Jing. Jing is commonly translated as substance or life-essence, and it is the thickest part of your energy which provides the impetus for activity. When our jing is abundant, we enjoy … Read More

Pulling Down Heavens Qigong

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  Ready to reconnect to Heaven and Earth? Follow along with this simple Qigong exercise called “Pulling Down Heavens Qigong”.   Directions for breath and mind:   1.¬† Breathe in on the upward arm movement allowing your golden awareness to … Read More

Three Treasures Seminar Series

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We are excited to offer a unique opportunity for an in-depth experience with the Three Treasures (San Bao). The Three Treasures represent a complex interaction of energies encompassing Earth, Humans and Heaven. They represent the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, … Read More

8 Animal Spirits Article

8 Brocade (BaDuanJin) analysis and demonstration. Article written for Qi Journal, Summer 2014. This article illuminates the animals associated with the Eight Tri-grams (Bagua) within the Eight Pieces of Brocade (BaDuanJin) to energize your practice and awaken a more subtle feeling within the Eight Pieces of Brocade.


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