Our classes are designed for the general public with the purpose of empowering you with the foundations that lead to a strong practice that can last a lifetime.

The Rising Lotus Qigong is dedicated to your health & wellness. If you’re thinking about becoming an instructor, we are committed to making you one of the best prepared qigong instructors in the country. We train new instructors from the “ground up”, providing you with detailed lessons on correct posture, great qigong form and everything you need to run a successful qigong practice. We are happy to pass on our years of experience in martial arts, Chinese Medicine and fitness to make YOU a qualified Qigong instructor.

The curriculum includes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories, meridian theory, energetic anatomy, western anatomy and business essentials such as advertising, liability concerns and ethics.


Learn the fundamentals of qigong for your own benefit or to help others.
We are committed to providing the foundation knowledge required to sustain a healthy and enjoyable practice for many years. Join us over 3 weekends to open your eyes into a new world.

This is a comprehensive 100 hour course that will prepare you for teaching qigong to groups and individuals.

Certified Instructors through this program will be listed on our website and given referrals for classes.

The statistics are staggering: our population is aging quickly. By the year 2035 the USA will have more people over the age of 65 than children. We are staying alive longer and staying active into years beyond our retirement. This will create an incredible demand for health & wellness options for adults to enjoy post-retirement to stay thriving well into their 80’s and 90’s.

“The year 2035 is expected to be a turning point for the population of the United States. This is the year that demographers expect there to be more adults over the age of 65 than children. Additionally, in the year 2060, there are expected to be about 604,000 people aged 100 and over in the U.S. This figure was around 72,000 in 2015. The aging population in the United States means that society is going to have to find a way to adapt to the larger numbers of older people.”

excerpt from Statista.com

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Definition and history of Qigong
  • Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
  • 5 Element Theory
  • Meridian theory and location
  • Location of major acupuncture points
  • 3 Components of Qigong
  • Setting up and creating a qigong routine
  • Principles of structure
  • General contraindications to Qigong
  • 20 Qigong Movements – including the “8 Pieces of Brocade” set
  • Marketing and advertising advice
  • Ethics
  • Liability and insurance issues

Training Dates:

Training is initiated through cohorts (groups) which are accessed through registration. Interested students should pick the cohort they want to join. Once registered, students are given access to the Academy and may begin reviewing the material.

Cohorts Open for Registration

2020-2 (October 2020)

2021-1 (January 2021)

2021-2 (March 2021)


Nope! Registration is open until the first day of class.

Yes! This course is designed to guide even the most novice student through the fundamentals of qigong. No matter what your current level of experience, by the time we’re finished you will have a good understanding of the basics of teaching a class.

No problem. Many of our students go through the class for their own personal development. You are welcome to participate at any level you desire. Of course, in all honesty, we’ve had students say they are not interested in teaching but by the time they finish are inspired to bring the message of qigong to their local community.

Great question! Actually, it’s not, we focus a lot on the movements and theory of qigong. The marketing class is a small segment designed to discover more about what motivates YOU to learn and/or teach qigong. And actually, we’ve seen some surprising results from this part of the class!!

Sure, we understand that life happens! So, you are required to complete at least 80% of the training in person to qualify for a certificate. If you are unable to make the minimum, you can schedule a make-up class at an additional cost.

Not at this time. We have seen a lot of discrepancies among students and we are committed to ensuring two major things for our graduates: safety and authentic basic knowledge. Therefore, to be certified students must complete our 100 hour course.

The bottom line is this: we believe that the world is a better place when more people practice qigong. If you are feeling great and your health is good, then you are a blessing to our community. Think about it, happy people make happy, healthy choices- unhappy people spread negativity… So, we want you to get involved, learn the basics and teach at your level when you’re done. We totally get that this is a process that can span a lifetime, but that should never be a reason to “not do it”. Our graduates know that our motto is “Just show up”… the rest will happen naturally.


Training Structure:
16 weeks of video conference classes : Each class is 90 minutes, once per week. Each weeks’ video is uploaded to the Academy for you to review at your convenience.

The Rising Lotus Academy : Theory, videos, audio, downloadable content through our online Academy. It is a robust learning management system which allows you to learn at your own pace, take quizzes, submit material, join a community of other qigong students, and a forum to ask questions.

Individual (Private) Instruction: Our instructors are available for individual instruction if needed. *Separate fee applies

Testing: at the end of 16 weeks, the group meets for the final video conference session which includes a practical assessment.

Training Dates: Training is initiated through cohorts (groups) which are accessed through registration. Interested students should pick the cohort they want to join. Once registered, students are given access to the Academy and may begin reviewing the material.

Tuition Payment and Options: Tuition is $1250 for the full program. Payment is required in full before class begins. No payment plans available. We process payment via Paypal which offers a long-term payment plan. Use this link for more information. Non-refundable deposit of $100 to reserve your space.

Tuition is refundable with the following conditions: requested in writing more than 90 days before 1st class = in full (less deposit) requested in writing between 90 to 60 days before 1st class = 25% cancellation fee + deposit requested in writing between 60 to 30 days before class = 50% cancellation fee + deposit If for any reason you are not able to attend, you may transfer your deposit to another student. Or have it applied towards another course or class.

** There are no refunds on tuition after the course begins **

Tuition includes:

  • Access to the online Academy
  • Weekly video conferencing
  • Instructor listing on website as certified instructor


Deadline for Registration

Registration ends either when class is at capacity, or on the first day of class.

A registration form must be submitted along with $100 deposit

Space is limited to 8 students per cohort, don’t wait too long to submit your deposit.

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