The Rising Lotus Qigong (TRLQ) certified instructors have been trained in qigong “exercises” and are qualified to teach in group or individual settings.

These individuals are of the highest quality and ethical standard in the qigong community. Each and every instructor certified by The Rising Lotus Qigong has exceeded the standards set in the category they are certified for. We highly recommend them for a safe and enjoyable experience of Qigong.


Level 3 Certification: Instructors at this level of certification lead safe group and private qigong classes, give seminars, and live the qigong principle of ‘harmony with nature’. They may also teach other branches of qigong healing as well as martial arts or other complementary modalities.These instructors show mastery in the experience of qigong at the highest level (neidan). The ability to seamlessly integrate mind, body, and spirit in the qigong class; leaves participants feeling centered, energized and ready to experience the world with a new awareness. Emphasis at this level is the experience of harmony, balance, and healing for the group or individual.

Laoshi Christina J. Barea-Young, DP, MMQ –¬†Atlanta, GA
J. Peyton Young, BP, MMQ – Atlanta, GA

Level 2 Certification: Instructors at this level of certification lead safe group or private qigong classes and may teach seminars. These instructors go beyond the foundational principles and can guide participants through an experience of intermediate concepts in a qigong practice (neigong). These instructors have a commitment to the practice and development of qigong and have a strong personal practice as well as participate in complementary activities such as Taichi. Emphasis at this level is to lead classes by infusing them from their own experience for whole person healing.

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 Level 1 Certification: Instructors at this level of certification can lead a safe group qigong class. These instructors have the foundational principles needed to guide groups or individuals in experiencing the movement of qi following these three key concepts: Body, Breath, and Intention. They are able to modify exercises for specific populations and those with injuries or disabilities. Experts in communicating foundational skills, these persons are true leaders in the profession of qigong instruction.

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InstructorStateCityYear CertifiedActive?Contact
Betsy StarkGeorgiaAtlanta2019Yes
Christin WhittingtonGeorgiaAtlanta2019Yes
Lynn HattonSouth CarolinaPickens2019YesSerenity at Sunset
Julie JacksonGeorgiaAtlanta2019Yes
Bryan LoganMississippiColumbus2019Yes
Karina HatcherGeorgiaAtlanta2019Yes
Hope AdamsGeorgiaAtlanta2019Yes
Mickey MorenoSouth Carolina2019Yes
Sherral McAdamsGeorgiaAtlanta2019Yes
Lori OrsGeorgiaAtlanta2019Yes
Dafina CaribrodskaGeorgiaAtlanta2018Yes
Lillian Morgan-LewisGeorgiaAtlanta2018Yes
Jimmy DepewGeorgiaGainesville2018Yes
Patty DepewGeorgiaGainesville2018Yes
Celeste KoshidaGeorgiaAtlanta2018Yes
Sekayi StringerGeorgiaAtlanta2018Yes
Whitney LoweGeorgiaAtlanta2018Yes
Amy ElwynHawaii2018Yes
Shannon GowlandGeorgiaRoswell2017Yes
Julie CannonGeorgiaAtlanta2017Yes
Dr. Sam PTGeorgiaRoswell2017YesDr Sam
Emily ChristieGeorgiaAltanta2017Yes
Peter JunkerAtlantaGeorgia2017Yes
Gretchen ManganGeorgia2016No
Johann ChoiGeorgia2016No
Leah GriffinGeorgia2016No
Martha EllisGeorgia2016No
Candace McCannGeorgia2014Yes
Sa Heq NeruGeorgiaAtlanta2014Yes
Shahida J. BaigGeorgiaAcworth2014NoSynergy Spa
Stephen CadleyGeorgia2014No
Daniel HammondGeorgia2014No
Jeff HarveyFloridaNew Port Richey2014No1(850)281-8313
Ilias KhidhrAlabama2014No
Michael KrengelGeorgiaMarietta2014NoTailgate Qigong!
Tara LavoieSouth Carolina2014NoBlossoming Soul Yoga
Lynn MackGeorgia2014No
Tori OwensGeorgiaDahlonega2014NoEmail Tori
Ronald C. PlanteGeorgia2014No
Kathleen RehlingGeorgia2014No
Carol VenclikFlorida2014No
Cindy AshcraftGeorgiaGainesville2013NoFoundation Taiji
Diane BeiringVirginia2013No
Diane BoyerVirginia2013No
Mathew BranstetterKentucky2013No
Paula BrantonGeorgia2013No
Michelle DoyonGeorgia2013No
Lucinda EllisonArizona2013No
Mark FarringtonVirginia2013No
Daniel HarrisVirginia2013No
Mary JahntzGeorgiaAtlanta2013NoAtlanta Healing Arts
Melanie JoetteGeorgia2013No
Carol KemkerGeorgia2013No
Christy KosterTennessee2013No
Tonya LegerKentucky2013No
May LiaoMaine2013NoThree Qi
Mary Lou PowersSouth CarolinaGreenville2013NoQi Works Studios
Tony SaladinoGeorgiaNorcross2013NoFoundation Taiji
Matthieu SchmitterMaine2013NoThree Qi
Claudia SencerVirginia2013No
Gilda SeelkeVirginia2013No
Tedra SheppardGeorgia2013No
Kelli SlaterGeorgia2013No
Dustin WilliamsVirginia2013No
Matthew WagnerVirginia2013No
Katharine Scott GillamVirginia2013No
Patrick O'HareVirginia2013No