Welcome to the 225 hour Medical Qigong Therapy certification course as offered by The Rising Lotus Qigong. We offer a comprehensive system of training in Energy Medicine for Acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Oriental Medicine Doctors, Massage Therapists, energy workers of other modalities such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Barbara Brennan, and anyone interested in mind/body medicine. Our programs have been especially noted to enhance the abilities of these practitioners and deepen their understanding of the interaction of the body/mind connection.

The curriculum presented by The Rising Lotus Qigong has, at its roots, the curriculum developed by the International Institute of Medical Qigong (IIMQ) which in turn is based on the Henan University’s (China) model of medical qigong instruction. However, after over 13 years of clinical, hospital and veterinary experience, we have reworked the teachings to better address the needs and challenges faced by practitioners working in non-Chinese healing offices. In other words, we recognize that for the system to be effective with patients who are not accustomed to the Asian way of life, certain techniques need to be modified to achieve immediate and tangible results. In addition, we have raised the standard of MQP requirements to a 225 hour minimum.

Our approach to this curriculum is unique in that we strive to give students practical skills to make them effective in a real-world clinical setting.  The Rising Lotus Qigong has expanded the content to give students the skills to teach, treat and be successful in a medical qigong therapy practice within a “Western” construct.

Our expertise lies in bridging the gap between theory, knowledge, and skill; providing our students with proven and effective treatment abilities. We base our method of instruction on years of experience in the martial, medical and spiritual schools (jing, qi, shen) that are the fundamental building blocks of medical qigong therapy. These concepts and experiences are essential to creating a qualified practitioner that can address the needs of a client in body, mind and spirit. While at the same time allowing you, as the practitioner of any modality, to sustain a thriving practice without the risk of clinical burnout.


We believe in a whole being approach to therapy, and this is what we teach.

This 225 hour course is designed to teach the essential information for treating patients with Medical Qigong/Qi Emission Therapy through the sensing and emission of qi. The MQP curriculum provides the foundation on which to build a healing practice – safely.

Topics include:

  • fundamental stucture concepts to enhance qi emission & sensitivity
  • learning how to emit qi
  • developing qi sensitivity
  • specific skills (hand postures, breathing) to improve qi emission and sensitivity
  • learning how to diagnose with Qi
  • a standard treatment protocol (The General Protocol)
  • specific treatment protocols for purging
  • specific treatment protocols for tonifying and regulating organs
  • how to establish a medical qigong practice
  • treatment of organ diseases (simple patterns)
  • medical qigong patient prescription exercises
  • 6 days of clinical experience

At the end of this 225 hour course, you will be granted the title Medical Qigong Practitioner – MQP from the Rising Lotus Qigong.

** Graduates of this course have the foundational skills necessary to work with clients in diagnosis, qi sensing and emission techniques, and prescribing qigong exercises. This program does not qualify to lead or teach group qigong exercise classes. If you are interested in obtaining quality instruction in leading safe and beneficial group Qigong exercise classes please click here for our Qigong Instructor Program.


Medical Qigong Practitioner Certification Course Information:

  • Course is presented in 12 modules, 2 days each module.
  • Modules MQP1, MQP2 and MQP3 are open to the general public, no pre-requisites.
  • Classes times are:  10am to 5pm.
Module Hours Title Prerequisites 2020 Class Date
FDN 1 14 Jing 1: Foundations of Qigong & the 3 Bodies none February 1 & 2
FDN 2 14 Qi 1: Foundations of the Energetic Matrix none February 29 & March 1
FDN 3 14 Shen 1: Foundations of Daoist Cosmology & Quantum Mechanics none March 21 & 22
MQP 1 14 Hand Postures & Qi Emission/Sensitivity Drills, General Protocol FDN 1, 2, 3 April 18 & 19
MQP 2 14 Metal Element: Theory, Diseases & Protocols FDN 1, 2, 3 May 9 & 10
MQP 3 14 Water Element: Theory, Diseases & Protocols FDN 1, 2, 3 June 6 & 7
MQP 4 14 Wood Element: Theory, Diseases & Protocols FDN 1, 2, 3 July 18 & 19
MQP 5 14 Fire Element: Theory, Diseases & Protocols FDN 1, 2, 3 August 15 & 16
MQP 6 14 Earth Element: Theory, Diseases & Protocols FDN 1, 2, 3 September 12 & 13
CLN 1 14 Clinical Internship & Case Studies I FDN 1, 2, 3  MQP 1-6 October 10 & 11
CLN 2 14 Clinical Internship & Case Studies II FDN 1, 2, 3  MQP 1-6 November 14 & 15
CLN 3 14 Clinical Internship & Case Studies III FDN 1, 2, 3 MQP 1-6 December 12 & 13
58 Home Practice/Study + Online Academy
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  • Registration and Online Payment Form
  • Tuition is $3600 for the entire MQP program
  • Or $300 per module 
  • All new students receive a free ‘The Rising Lotus’ T-Shirt


Tuition will increase in 2021 to $5400 for the 12 month program.