Qigong Illustrated Companion DVD


    The Rising Lotus Qigong’s 13 Episodes of qigong aired on AIBTV in Spring/Summer 2013.

    This 4 disc set includes almost 7 hours of qigong suitable for beginners and the newly interested in qigong. Adaptations are provided for specific medical conditions. This is the companion set of qigong for Christina’s book “Qigong Illustrated” (Click here for Qigong Illustrated on Amazon.com)

    This set includes our most popular qigong:

    • Qi Scattering
    • 8 Silk Brocade (aka 8 Pieces of Brocade)
    • Daoist Five
    • Yang Sheng Techniques
    • Swimming Dragon
    • Turning & Winding the Belt Vessel
    • Ocean Waves

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    Qigong Illustrated Companion DVD

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