“I first found The Rising Lotus and Christina through her web site one year ago. I was searching for an authentic Qigong school and an instructor with deep roots in the practice. I knew I found this after my first class and have been coming every week ever since. I look forward to every Tuesday and now practice Qigong every day. It has truly added peace to my day and something to look forward to. Thank you Christina!”

Michelle – Stone Mountain, GA

“Excellent course and instructors! Material presented in a way that is understandable and facilitates applying this information to my current practice. I had the intention originally to wait until later to pursue the next level but was so impressed with this course… am now going to go ahead and do the practitioner level and am very excited about it. Thanks!!”

Sharon – Atlanta, GA

“Christina is a brilliant and gifted teacher who graciously shares her vast knowledge and wisdom. Her unique approach to the art and science of qigong will long be of tremendous benefit to her students and the world at large. Christina is remarkable and we are very lucky to have her here in Atlanta.”

Patrick – Marietta, GA

Christina Barea has been a true blessing to me. She is a extraordinary healer in ways that I don’t fully understand. I am immensely grateful for the gifts and talents she has bestowed upon me with her medical healing. I began seeing her after struggling with my health for many months. I was suffering from the effects of multiple surgeries from Crohn’s disease yet I had no active disease. My quality of life was affected due to experiencing flu like symptoms every day as well as serious fatigue. I felt depleted no matter how much I slept, rested or ate. I had seen many other practitioners, doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. While some of those treatments helped for the day or so after the treatment, none of them had a lasting affect.Christina changed all that for me. After working with her for a short time, I began to experience significant changes in the way I felt. She gave me Qi Gong exercises I could do on my own as well as insight as to my nutritional needs. I am now full of energy, pain free with a new lease on life. She is a gifted healer and is deeply invested in the health and well being of the people she serves.”

Emma – Atlanta, GA

“Christina is very caring and exceptionally in-tune with human beings in her midst (the energy, heart & mind). She connected with me and moved me in a profound way, like no one else ever has. She offered much of what I needed when I sought her out, based on an overwhelming recommendation from a friend. I will see her again, and also highly recommend her extraordinary talent to others.”

Renee – Dunwoody, GA

“Good morning! Just wanted to take the opportunity to say how much I am enjoying your programming, particularly your most recent insight on near eastern cultures and also the addition of the eastern “fitness” routine of Qigong. Those practices are very calming and really help me center in the early morning. Thank you so much, once again, in being in tune with our communities and its’ needs!”

Julie – Atlanta, GA

“I am blessed to share space at our healing center with Christina and the Rising Lotus Qigong. Throughout a full year of working side by side in the healing arts, Christina has shown integrity and honesty to the highest measure and always follows through with her word. I have also received qigong healing from her certification class and found it very balancing and healing for the situation I presented on the day of my session.”

Essud – Alpharetta, GA

“The teaching was clear- the content exceeded my expectations. I am leaving this class with understanding and tools that I can use for my own practice as well as my work with patients. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Lenni – Atlanta, GA

“Christina and Peyton, I just want to thank you both for such a great seminar last weekend. It far exceeded my expectations. Even though I was familiar with the material, I was able to experience it on a whole new level. Your ability to take information and present it in a way that everyone can walk away with an understanding, no matter what level they are at, is a gift. You guys are phenomenal teachers and are such an inspiration for me on this beautiful journey. I look forward to more of these seminars in the future.”

Tonya- Charlottesville, VA

“I have been a nurse for thirty years and began my journey with energy work about ten years ago. I first experienced medical qigong through my acupuncturist. He then encouraged me to take the eight week Introduction to Medical Qigong with Christina saying that she was an “excellent teacher”. I also found her to be an excellent teacher and the course gave me a solid introduction into the theory of TCM. I practice qigong daily for my personal self-care as well as take weekly qigong classes at The Rising Lotus. The weekly classes have helped me cultivate the techniques of breath, purging and tonification in a way that I would not have accomplished if I had continued practicing qigong on my own. I have come to the realization that energy work is the glue that cements medical theory to personal wholeness.”

Patricia – Atlanta, GA

“I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much I love your series with Christina Barea & Peyton Young.  They are excellent teachers who are so knowledgeable as well as personable. I am a senior with joint pain and arthritis and the gentle movements from these exercises are doing wonders for me.  In addition, they increase my oxygenation and circulation and I find myself doing deep yawns as I am moving through them. You are doing a wonderful service to many people in our community and I thank you very much for including them in your programming.  I sincerely hope you continue to carry them over the long term.”

MH – AIB TV – Atlanta, GA

“One of the most informative and enjoyable classes I have taken. I hold the course in the highest regards, I would advise any healer to take this course.”

Vivian – Roswell, GA

“We covered so much material, learned so much, during the last year……it was amazing. The Practitioner level, just made me want to know more. Thanks to your relaxed, style, and extensive knowledge, I cannot wait to continue”

May – Charlottesville, VA

“I was an imperfect man living an imperfect but extremely active life until my lungs betrayed me. In May 2010, I woke up and couldn’t generate enough breath to propel my body out of bed. I spent the next 2 days barely able to move. In the the next six months, i started living a marginal life with friends caring for me. I allowed medications to become the focus of my day to day activities. The life spark was diminishing inside me. Then I read about Qigong and the Rising Lotus and what I call the ” way “. I have been guided by Christina for the last 6 months and can now physically and psychologically get about ‘this business of living’ with minimal support.”

Michael – Sandy Springs, GA

“Christina and Peyton, I really enjoyed class this weekend. It has opened up a whole new world for me. I feel that this is the start of a great journey for me. Thank you and I hope my energy was just as rewarding as the one I received this weekend.. I’m looking forward to continued work with you two…

Benjamin – Atlanta, GA